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Gala d.o.o. is the lead production company for private brands in the region.

Our goal is to create the best products at competitive prices and to ensure high product quality, which will allow our customers to grow and realise their vision in the current situation.

We offer ground coffee and coffee beans, regular and decaffeinated, for home and professional use. In addition to regular roasted coffee, we also make instant coffee mixes, coffee substitutes, instant cappuccinos, cappuccinos with added flavours, and 2in1 and 3in1 instant coffees.

Each product is completely adapted to your taste, packing method and packaging design. 



Other customers

Taste and aroma  The two most important partners who cannot exist without one another when it comes to good coffee. The collaboration of taste and aroma creates a real sensory adventure for your senses. You yourself can decide, where the road will take you.