Catering industry


Customised taste


Everything starts with the taste buds. When they detect a pleasant flavour, when everything awakens and shivers in pleasure, we know that we have created the right coffee for you. The taste comes first and everything else revolves around it. We are constantly developing the best methods, searching for new sources, authentic nuances, traditions and the best ingredients from all over the world.


We are guided by our unbridled curiosity; always ready to test new preparation techniques for various coffee drinks based on our vast knowledge and rich tradition. It is in our nature to research and develop, and when we make a discovery, we are genuinely happy that we have created something good for you.


Customised development


We are always learning and following the best practices in the EU and in Slovenia. We look for differences, for those small details in execution that bring novelties to the market. We conduct our development under the guidance of our internal sensory panel composed of experts, specially trained and educated tasters, and with the help of external authorised institutions.


We also cooperate with coffee manufacturers on other markets, which gives us a unique insight into location-specific trends and market requirements.


Customised packaging


Carefully selected taste and aroma need to be presented in a beautiful packaging. Of course, the packaging must reflect the unique character of the coffee and be able to attract buyers everywhere. However, the packaging is also very important for preserving the taste and aroma.


A special team of creative professionals prepares proposals based on research of competitive products, while staying true to tradition and keeping in mind your specific goals.


Secondary packaging is used for transporting and storing our carefully designed creation. We offer practical packaging in accordance with ecological standards and personalised printed patterns.